Sunday, 9 October 2016

CNN App Free Download for Android and Windows Phones


CNN is number 1 and good political news. This notwork stay on top the election of 2016 stories you need to know. The CNN politics team is working fast for show you election news. You can download CNN APP from their official website, over website or google play for live CNN coverage of presidential talk shows.


CNN app is portal to the latest news from around the world. Before starting your app the App give you breaking news alerts urgent notifications. Play the App to search the world's top headlines. Open CNN's articles, interactive featured stories, photos and videos. Quick watch international, Entertainment, Opinions and other CNN coverage. its also supports features News alerts CNN 360 videos. You can easily receive news alerts, top stories on your mobile devices. Its very easy to share breaking news and stories from this app to your social networks and you can also add feedback about CNN. 

  • if CNN App not working click here to solve problem
  • CNN official twitter
  • CNN live today

CNN App never misuse your personal information because CNN respects your privacy. 
if you have any problem or want to contact CNN Email us at we always waiting your suggestions.


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Download Instagram Latest Version Free For Android


Kevin Systrom is the co-founder and CEO of Instagram, around the world more then 500 million share the world movement on the Instagram service. Mike Krieger is the co-founder and CTO of Instagram, a Community that shares more then 95  million photos and videos every day. Instagram is available on different languages and it is available for download on different website and also available on Google Play Service. Instagram is very simple for use, their are filters for improve photos. That is good for edit photos. In low internet service you can easily use Instagram.

Download Instagram Latest Version Free For Android

Instagram is a easy way to share the world's moments. Post your everyday videos and photos into works of art ad share them with your friends and family. See the world through somebody by following the people you not know, any time your open Instagram you will see new post form your family members and closest friends.


  • Free videos, Edit photos and custom designed filters.
  • 10 creative tools to change brightness for improve photos.
  • Share photos and videos at a time on other social network e.g Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
  • Follow friends form the world and keep up with their videos and photos.
  • Send personal video, photos and other messages directly to friend.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

9Apps Free Latest Version ( APK for Android and Tablets

9Apps Introduction

Download the latest version of 9Apps APK for the download free and fast download Apps, Games, Wallpapers and Ringtones. 9Apps APK is the best Android App for quick search Apps and other file. It is help to download Games, Wallpapers, Ringtone and different type of App in your Android Mobile and Tablets. 9Apps give you fast downloading way and give you all kinds of free best quality of Wallpapers, Games, Ringtones all type of Apps  and other files. You can download big size of Apps in small time very easily form 9Apps.You know other APK Apps slow down your Android mobile of other Devices but 9Apps is in very small size, Therefore, you can download any file for this Apps very easily. 9Apps provide you all option which you wish during using this Apps. 
We provide latest version of free APK for your Android and Tablets. You can easily download 9Apps APK form our site and install. 9Apps APK is also available on Google Play but you can easily and direct download form our site.

9Apps Free Latest Version v. APK for Android and Tablets

9Apps Key Features:

  • 9Apps is 100% free Apps. latest version is available free for all devices on our site.
  • 9Apps is most popular Apps which is save your precious time.
  • Use of 9Apps you can download Apps, wallpapers, ringtones in few time.
  • You can download file form 9Apps very fast and easily.
  • More then 200 thousand most recommended Apps are available in the 9Apps.
  • 9Apps is very small size Apps.
  • Its support all kind of devices, always new version available for Android and other devices.

Keep visiting our site to get more latest version of 9Apps. Many people use this Apps because this is very easy, good and free for all devices. This App is most popular in the world. 

Saturday, 21 May 2016

360 Security Antivirus APK Free Download

360 Security App (APK) Introduction

200 million people believe the we are strong

Over Intelligent  protect and modern technology keep your Android/PC junk-free, good and fast

360 Security is good protection App and very speed booster for Android Phone. It is most trusted mobile optimization and good security App. In the world there are 641 Million user around the world. The install of 360 Security App is good way to protect your Android phone.360 Security App boosts your mobile phone performance. While defending you against the new or latest viruses
360 Security Antivirus APK Free Download
and protect your Android phone.

360 Security App is Available in languages in the world:

  • English
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Turkey
  • Portugues (Brasil)
  • Espanol (Latino america)
  • The 360 Security App is available on  many other languages.We are unable to mention.
The 360 Security App is available for PC, that provide you good security and complete protection form Viruses.During the downloading this security app is protect your Device and give you a chance for easy download files.Many people like and use 360 Security App because this is keep you safe and clear from Virus your Device.


Sunday, 10 April 2016

Download APK IDM Download Manager V6.26 Free

Fast Free Downloader IDM APK Download Manager

IDM Download Manager is free App for fast download any file or data form any website.You can download IDM Download Manager free from Google play or its official website. Use of this App/Software you an download data from slow speed connection. IDM APK used for downloading file, music, videos and many other file form any website easily. 

Download APK IDM Download Manager V6.26 Free

IDM Download Manager promises to bring the 500% faster the speed when downloading data. You an download any file with your phone or Android Tablet with this app. IDM Download Manager for PC is a powerful download manager, to big stuff from around the websites. It's very easy and good for manage file. The live download progress bar is used for notifying you about the download progress. The App can be live minimized so the process in not disturb you. 

You can easy use your phone or Tablet during the downloading. One of good is that during download file if your device is shuts down due to any resin the threaded parallel download of data makes download very fast. It's very useful and very easy to download file online, there for many people like this App. Yet another good feature of IDM Downloader Manager is its support for audio and video streams. You can play music and video within the IDM Download Manager APK download links available blow the article.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Zapya V3.2.6 Free Download for Android, Window phones, PC and other Devices

Zapya Free App and Software

Zapya is a Free good sharing App and Software. It's use for share files between Windows phones and other devices, It is very easy to use and download, Zapya is now available for download you can easy download it from Google Play or their official website. It's use for easy and quickly transfer file between Windows Phone and other phones or devices, you can also use it in your computer and Android or iOS devices. Zapya is most popular For easy and quickly transfer files therefor many so much people use Zapya around the world.
Zapya Free Download for Android, Window phones, PC and other Devices
  • Free App for share files saving and save.
  • Very fastest App for share data between two devices.
  • You can share any file, photo, music apps, video, JPG PDF any type of files and unlimited file size. 
  • This app is good for group sharing, you can share files with a group of people.
  • Zapya is available in different languages.

In this site Zapya download link available for Android, Windows Phones, iOS, PC, MAC, iOS Jaibreak

Click blow link for download different devices.

Download Zapya for Android
Download Zapya for Windows Phones
Download Zapya for iOS Jaibreak
Download Zapya for PC
Download Zapya for MAC
Download Zapya for iOS

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Facebook Application Free Download For Mobile and Tablets ( Android)

Facebook is an social networking service, It's headquartered in Menlo Park (Clifornia). This website is launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zucherberg with his college roommates and friends student chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, Eduardo Saverin and Andrew McCollum. Initially the fonder had limited the website's membership to students, after expanded it to Boston Area and colleges. In 2006 the website is allow to register to at least 13 years old.

This site allow to register to use and make own profile, add friends, send and receive messages, share photos and status, share videos and get notifications when other user like, share or comments on your photos, status or videos. User also create groups organized by school, college or workplace.This Site had over 1.18 billion monthly active users as of 2015 August. On July 13, 2015 Facebook became the fastest company in the standard 500 index.

Facebook Application Free Download For And Mobile ( Android)
  • See who are up to
  • Share Photos, status and videos
  • Get notification when your friend like, comments or share your photos, Videos and status
  • Play games by using your favorite apps
  • Chat with your friends
If you face any problem click the link for our Help Center,
Sign up here directly, blew link
If you face any problem during installing or downloading click blew link
Facebook Service team:

Only 13 and our use Facebook.
Click Here for Download Facebook APK

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Android Suite Software For PC Free Download Version

Android PC Suite is free software, its supports to manage them, wallpapers and download contacts content from your device to PC. Android PC Suite is use to connect mobile device to your computer. its useful for those who want to data organized and save. Its very easy to use and simple. You can easily connect with PC by a USB data cable or Bluetooth. Android developed their own PC.Install and manage your phone phone hurry because its very easy to use and its very useful software. Therefore many user like and use these software, its 100% free and very easy available in different website for download and install, No credit required to get this software.

Android Suite Software For PC Free Download Version


Android PC suite is a free software for manage the data on your PC and devices, it is use for the organize the file and data, Android PC Suite provide useful service , send and receive SMS, MMS, multimedia file and many other form your PC. Download your email, access the modify notes. calendar many other. You can install and  uninstall option you can install on your software.Use of this software you can backup your contact, messages, music, image, video an call files.

Android PC Suite is important tools, if you want to good operate your android Tablets and Phone in your PC you can use android PC suite. Without Android PC Suite you are unable to connect your phone with PC or unable to mange your phone data. After install Android PC Suite you are able to transfer your data form phone ant Tablets to your PC. It's also best software for manage contact, messages, images, videos and many other very easily.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Latest Version of Adobe Acrobat DC Free Download for Desktop and Mobile devices

Introduction Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DC is a free software for Desktop and mobile devices, its for standard for viewing, printing, signing and annotating PDFs. It's the only PDF viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content including forms and multimedia. It's connected to Adobe Document cloud. So you can work with PDFs on computer and mobile devices. its free available Adobe official website, Google play and other privet software sites.
Many User like Adobe Acrobat DC because its very simple and easy to use, User can use it on their mobile devices therefor they can use Adobe Acrobat DC any where.

Latest Version of Adobe Acrobat DC Free Download for Desktop and Mobile devices

PC APP- For download Adobe Acrobat DC visit the Adobe Acrobat Reader Download Page to get software for desktop, you can select your own language.
MOBILE APP- To download mobile of  Adobe Acrobat DC visit Google Play or the iTunes App Store, you can also download latest version for your Windows Phone devices.

1- To uninstall Adobe Acrobat DC open Creative Cloud PC application. Click on the settings button and click on the Uninstall.
2- Download latest version and install on your PC or mobile devices.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC latest version is Free available for all devices. You can Download free for your Desktop or mobile devices.

DOWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat DC From Official Website for Desktop
DOWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat DC From Google Play for mobile devices
DOWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat DC From iTunes App Store for mobile devices
DOWNLOAD Adobe Acrobat DC From Windows Phone for mobile devices